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The Italian designer Ugo Cacciatori, known for his dark aesthetically designed jewellery collection. His themes are skulls, swords, sunken treasure, and bike-chain-worthy necklaces. John Galliano often wears Cacciatori creations, even when he appears to greet guests after one of his fashion shows. He has even called his fish Little Ugo.
Ugo Cacciatori was born in Carrara. The women in his family were involved in science and fashion (his mother was a teacher, his grandmother a dressmaker and his aunt a milliner), the men with art and marble (his great grandfather was the sculptor Benedetto Cacciatori). He spent his youth with his father in the mountains, learning to recognize the stones, forms and materials. He fell in love with the work of Lord Byron and Shelley, travelled a lot and studied architecture. He had no interest in fashion.
Ugo Cacciatori I started out as a minimalist architect. In 2004, he opened his Milan showroom, where he designed many of the furnishings himself.

In 2007, the New York showroom came into being. Reaching his current, rich style has been a process of growth during which he have broken all his rules. For example, he has started having tattoos: ‘’my body has become a canvas." He says.

At the end of 2005, he became art director at Santacroce, from 2007, he began working with Diesel on a line of high profile silver accessories with Dolce & Gabbana on leather goods. www.stylert.com